Alpaca Producer Testimonials

Leslie Stoddard, Albuquerque Alpacas, Albuquerque, NM,

"MSE products have been a part of my alpaca feeding program for the past five years.  I use the MSE granular as a top dressing on the alpaca pellets daily for all my animals and the tubes of MSE paste during show season.  While my choice of pellet formulation has changed several times based on research and concerns over synthetic additives/preservatives, using MSE granular has not.  Alpacas experience more episodes of stress then we realize from a variety of sources, weaning, regrouping animals (whether it be herd additions or deletions), showing, open ranch days, vet visits etc.  A healthy rumen and intestinal track goes a long way to provide each animal with a good foundation for optimum health.  It can be easy when times are tough financially to cut out what is perceived to be an "optional" additive in your daily feeding practices.  I do not consider this product optional and the gift of a healthy immune system is the best one I can offer my animals as a responsible shepherd." 

Leslie Stoddard, Albuquerque Alpacas








Jo Overbey, Rock Chimney Farm Alpacas - "Rock Solid!"
Rustburg, Virginia,


""I would like to say, "thank you," for making MSE.  I find it to be a very valuable tool.  My experience has been that by keeping my alpacas' guts loaded with the "good guys," I think they have much fewer problems with parasites.  I top-dress their feed with about a teaspoon, 2x daily, which seems to be enough to do the trick.  Any (rare!) course of antibiotics is followed with a course of the paste.
I had a weanling male that I had put in with my old gelding, Bandit,  as a companion.  [See picture below. Apparently, he is only mean to alpaca youngsters]. He was apparently picking on the youngster who developed an ulcer.  I suspected the ulcer as I usually do:  noticed that he was off his feed, yet looked interested when offered pellets, only to refuse them.  He was still eating forage and hay.  After about 3 days of this, I concluded that he had developed an ulcer from the nasty treatment by my old boy, who was now residing in another area.  I decided to try large doses of MSE, based on the same premise as above, in addition to removing the stress of Bandit.  He started eating some pellets within 3 days, and was eating normally by the end of a week.  I dosed him with 5 cc. of the paste twice a day.  I continued this treatment for another week or so, just to be sure we had taken care of the problem.  It worked.
  I have recommended this product numerous times to clients and people on chat groups.  It is a great one!"


Jo Overbey

Mark & Debbie Emery, Brookfarm - Alpacas in the Valley of the Moon, Glen Ellen, CA,

"At Brookfarm ~ Alpacas in the Valley of the Moon, we use MSE as a part of our overall health maintenance regime for our alpacas and often times with our Maremma livestock guardian dogs. Just a sprinkle over the daily ration of pellets has kept all our animals healthy and thriving. It makes good sense to feed a high quality diet to these beautiful animals, especially with the harvest of luxurious alpaca fleece and fiber; which we use for our own spinning and knitting projects, and also send out to mills for processing into our yarn and rugs for farm sales. We keep MSE paste on hand at all times and it has come in handy on the rare occasion when an alpaca seems a bit off. It is part of our show travel supplies as well for use before we leave for the show and a daily dose each day away and for a couple of days when we return. We have yet to experience any ills from showing our animals and have actually brought home a reserve champion ribbon with our award winning herdsire Brookfarm�s P. Rock of Gibraltar, aka Rocky [in photo above]. We highly recommend MSE dry and paste for healthy alpacas!"

Mark and Debbie Emery  

Stan and Mary Miller, Aspen Alpaca Company, Sandpoint, ID


"I have not used MSE so much to help an animal recover from illness or injury but originally used it when I had an orphaned cria [Copper Penny, see photo] who had trouble putting on weight.  The MSE [granulated] seemed to help his overall health and weight gain and now the entire herd (over 20) gets it twice a week for maintenance.  I also give it more often to show animals prior to going to shows.  Just a little background so you are more familiar with how I use it.  I have also recommended it to other breeders who are now also using it."  Mary Miller  (Photo of Copper Penny, the cria closest to camera, and adoptive Mom).

Stan and Mary Miller


Linda Adelman, Six Paca Farm, Bozrah, CT,

"Delighted to hype the benefits of MSE as you can see from your records I havepurchased more than once. So obviously if the product didn't work you would not see Six Paca purchasing repeatedly. In the latest case we had a small built female who had had two previous cria but this time the cria was exceptionally large and she developed toxemia. Unlike the human female she did not get swollen ankles but it was toxic to her body. After loosing the cria at birth she was weak and failed to take adequate nourishment. Once she had been treated by our very capable vet he suggested the MSE paste to stimulate her appetite. The female (Haley, picture above) is now back to regular 120 pound weight and in line daily for feed along with the rest of the herd."

Linda Adelman 


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