MSE Natural Defense Soluble

(9 oz. shaker)  

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MSE Natural Defense Soluble was especially developed for finicky cats, although it can also be given to dogs. Unlike the original MSE Natural Defense, MSE Natural Defense Soluble can be mixed with water (1 part NDS:5 or 6 parts water), canned, raw or cooked food without gelling. The main ingredient, salmon meal, has a distinct fishy odor and has been demonstrated to be acceptable to most cats. Some cats prefer MSE Natural Defense Soluble in the dry form, and others preferred it mixed with water. Adding to canned, raw, or home-cooked food will improve acceptance.

MSE Natural Defense Soluble also contains NATURAL sources of vitamins (alfalfa, barley grass, and carrot). Barley grass is accepted by most cats.

Like MSE Natural Defense, MSE Natural Defense Soluble also contains pectin, but at a lower concentration. Pectin reduces litter box odor and has been shown to reduce symptoms of allergy. If allergies are food-related, consider an elimination diet to identify the trigger proteins. For more information, see article about allergies in pets at:

MSE Natural Defense Soluble also contains a small amount of bentonite. Bentonite is finely ground clay that has been shown to trap water, toxins, and viruses. It is the main ingredient in Scour-aid. Bentonite has little smell or taste.

Do not feed MSE Natural Defense Soluble to pets that are allergic to salmon.

MSE Natural Defense Soluble can be safely frozen. Freezing prolongs microbe viability. However, repeated thawing and refreezing is not recommended.  May be frozen in the original shaker. FREE SHIPPING!

Guaranteed Analysis
Lactobacillus acidophilus.........4.0 x 108 CFU/g.(400,000,000 CFU)
Lactobacillus casei..................4.0 x 108 CFU/g.(400,000,000 CFU)
Streptococcus faecium............4.0 x 108 CFU/g.(400,000,000 CFU)
Bifidobacterium longum............4.0 x 108 CFU/g.(400,000,000 CFU)
Saccharomyces cerevisiae......2.0 x 108 CFU/g.(200,000,000 CFU)

CFU/g: Colony-Forming Units per gram

Saccharomyces cervisiae, Lactobacillus acidophilus cultures, Lactobacillus casei, Streptococcus faecium, Bifidobacterium longum, Dried Aspergillus oryzae fermentation products, Bacillus subtilis, Aspergillus niger, salmon meal, fruit pectin, bentonite, and organic alfalfa, barley grass, and carrot.

Feeding Instructions
Cats and small dogs (< 20 lb.) - One teaspoon daily
Medium-sized dogs (20 - 60 lb.) Two teaspoons daily
Large dogs (> 60 lb.) One Tablespoon daily

May be divided between meals

Best results if kept sealed and refrigerated.

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MSE Natural Defense Soluble is made in Horton, Kansas, U. S. A