MSE Daily Boost, 10 oz. shaker and 5 lb. jug


FREE DELIVERY! MSE Daily Boost is a highly palatable dry probiotic supplement intended to keep healthy pets healthy. This product is not intended for cats or dogs with chronic health problems, please use MSE Natural Defense instead. This product only protects against everyday stresses like changes in weather and occasionally being left alone. Pets that experience daily stress such as police dogs and other working animals might, please use MSE Natural Defense. MSE Daily Boost Dry Probiotic Supplement powder comes in a convenient 10 oz shaker-top container and a 5 lb jug. It can be applied to either wet or dry cat or dog food. For best results, use at least once daily. For cats, gradually increase to insure acceptability. It may take as long as 10 to 14 days for your pet to feel the full benefit of MSE Daily Boost. MSE Daily Boost does not control litter box odor or allergy symptoms, please use MSE Natural Defense for these problems. Do not give to pets with allergy to milk or milk products.

MSE Daily Boost can be safely frozen. Freezing prolongs microbe viability. However, repeated thawing and refreezing is not recommended.  MSE Daily Boost may be frozen either in the original jug, or poured into Zip-Loc bags to minimize exposure to air. FREE DELIVERY!

Contains LIVE cultures of:
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Lactobacillus casei
  • Streptococcus faecium
  • Bacillus subtilis
  • Bifidobacteria sp.
  • Saccharomyces cerevisiae
  • Aspergillus niger
  • Aspergillus oryzae fermentation products
Guaranteed Analysis
Lactobacillus acidophilis 113.4 Million CFU/g
Lactobacillus casei 113.4 Million CFU/g
Streptococcus faecium 113.4 Million CFU/g
Saccharomyces cerevisiae 121 Million CFU/g
CFU/g:  Colony-Forming Units per gram

Dried Aspergillus oryzae fermentation products, saccharomyces cerevisiae, lactobacillus acidophilis, lactobacillus casei, streptococcus faecium, dried whey, bacillus subtilis, aspergillus niger, citric acid, D-glucose, yucca shidigera extract, whey.

Feeding Instructions
Cats and small dogs (under 20 pounds) 1 teaspoon per day
Medium dogs (20 to 60 pounds) 2 teaspoons per day
Large dogs (over 60 pounds) 1 Tablespoon per day
The daily amount may be split between meals. If several cats share the same bowl of dried food, sprinkle on food liberally and refresh daily.

For picky eaters and cats start with a small amount and gradually increase to ensure acceptability.

Decrease dosage for a few days if your pet has loose stools following initial treatment; this will abate after the gastrointestinal tract microflora have been realigned.


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MSE Daily Boost is made in Horton, Kansas, U. S. A.